Community health and preventive medicine focuses on determining how to prevent diseases. Promoting human health and reducing health risks through disease prevention, education and other public health services are the major goals of Preventive Medicine and Community Health. It is a program that prepares public health specialists to plan and manage health services in local community settings, including the coordination of related support services, environmental health, preventive and comparative medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, family and community health, and applicable law and regulations.

Upcoming Top Preventive Medicine Conferences 2018

Conference of Occupational Health and Safety May 28-29, 2018 London, UK| International conference on Health and Primary Care May 28-30, 2018 London, UK| International Conference on Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases May 10-12, 2018 Frankfurt, Germany| International Conference on Family Medicine and Primary Care February 22-24, 2018 Paris, France|

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